Gotta Love the Mail!!!

More fun supplies arrived for natural dyeing and the garden. I am so anxious to get to both of them, although I have most of the supplies necessary, now, for the garden, and I’m still waiting on several for the natural dye experiments to commence.

So, let’s start with what I received for the garden. 100 peat pellets so I can start my seeds in the house and 500 plant tags. This last item should last me several years. In fact, I might use a specific colored tag for each year I plant something.

As for the natural dyeing supplies, I received these:

Citric acid to shift pH, and soda ash for scouring cellulose fibers.

And the last of the yarns I need – linen and silk. I already have plenty of wool and cotton yarns in my stash, but needed these two. Now just to get the fabrics I ordered in the mail. I should see them next week, and we can start the series on natural dyeing.

I feel like a mad scientist, sitting here and rubbing my hands together in anticipation of all of the fun this spring and summer will bring. You just wait and see what’s coming!!!