Slow Cloth Woven Suit – Part 1

The beginning of a much wanted project. I am creating a suit from scratch! First, of course, I have to weave the yarn, and this covers the warp yarn. I hope you enjoy and follow along with me on this journey. Also, please follow me on Instagram. I am thefiberpusher.

Changing Things Up

For the past couple of years, I have been, first a 50% owner, then a full owner, of a Clun Forest ewe named Kaala Hiraka. I got to name her, too. Currently, she is living with Sara Dunham down at Punkin’s Patch in Kentucky, and Sara has taken very good care of her. So much so that I officially have gifted Kaala to Sara. I feel this is the best thing for both Kaala and Sara as Kaala is very happy down there in Sara’s care. And, this way, Sara doesn’t have the worry of caring for someone else’s sheep.

So, if you want to keep up on the adventures of Kaala and her friends, just visit Punkin’s Patch.